Sex/Life Special 02 – The Cupid paradox

Yesterday I had a revelation: I am some sort of Cupid. I’ve been matchmaking all over this year, giving love advices to anyone who asks (or not) and, basically, being involved in lots of other people’s relationships involuntarily. Let’s check this top 3 list:

1. E + E: this is the first one and most important I can recall. I met this American girl E at a friends birthday. We got along and started “dating” as friends. At the same time, we met this dude E and some other people with whom we hung around and became friends. E and E had some chemistry, but this E guy was too respectful to do anything about it, because he knew I was after her. Then, when I finally decided to make my move, stuff didn’t work as expected. She, E, said she only liked me as a friend. I got immediately heartbroken, but moved on pretty quick. A couple of days after that I dated a Norwegian girl (a.k.a. “the vikinga”) and, well, the rest is old history… But what happened to E and E? After my vikinga deal, E changed her mind, but it was too late. I broke her heart twice and guess who was there to help her forget me: E! They started dating, became boyfriend and girlfriend after a few weeks and continued their relationship after she went to Spain. They are still in a long distance relationship. E has gone to see her to Europe and they are very much in love. As I like to say when I tell the story “E had to meet the wrong guy to meet the right one.” Yeah, the wrong guy is me.

2. L + M: my cousin L is like my older sister, and I’m like her only brother, given the fact my uncle and aunt decided not to have any more children after her. We always tell everything to each other, and we are very likely to always end up discussing our love life. That’s how I got to advice her about this on and off “just sex thing” she was having with M. She liked him a lot, but was too proud to “fall for him”. Well, she was right about that: the guy was a player. But love was all around, and slowly and steady the feeling grew on both of them. L freaked out and ended up things, but she wasn’t feeling sure about her decision. This situation was too similar to what happened to me and the vikinga, so I had to step in. “You like him and he obviously likes you too, stop fucking around and do something about it” I told L. A couple of months after that, they are already engaged to be married starting 2014. M is really grateful, as well as is L.

3. M + E: this one is the latter yet the one that made me realize my role as Cupid in this world. I met M at the Hash, my running group, and I found her to be “very interesting” (if you know what I mean). I invited her once to the language exchange thing I used to go to, Spanglish, and a few days later to a club. I went to this club with two friends of E guy, one of whom I named Jesus Christ (for his resemblance to the son of the Lord). I tried my best to hit on M, even taking the whole pack back to my apartment to keep drinking and partying. The result? M and E (Jesus) making out in my kitchen while I was singing sad karaoke songs with the other guy. They went to this whole problem to commit thing, mostly because M is American and she was going back home soon. I advised her a couple of times; I was seeing the whole “vikinga dilemma” here too and felt obligated to intercede, specially because M made me her Chilean BFF. Luckily she took my advice and followed her heart. I met these two lovebirds at Thanksgiving dinner and they looked very happy. I talked to M before leaving and she was so in love I could feel the love too when she told me her plan of staying here in Chile with E and then eventually moving back to the US with him. This made me feel so good I still smile when I remember M’s face.

As for me, I’ve failed completely to have a decent love life. With the vikinga we had a sex thing that quickly escalated when we fell in love with each other, but all that ended not long after she left Chile for good. Before that, stuff wasn’t working in the heart department, and after… well… describing it as a train wreck would be too kind.

There’s a saying in Spanish, “en casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo”, which would relate to the English saying “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot.” It’s true. The sooner I accept my fate as a matchmaker rather than a lover, the better. It’s the Cupid paradox: I am here to help others to love, to be just a step or a facilitator in God’s romantic masterplan. I feel like in a Jennifer Lopez lame romantic flick from the mid 2000’s.

I censured the names of the persons involved in this story. Don’t wanna be sued or ass-kicked.


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