The Decadence Chronicle. Episode 07: Storm

We sat on the bathroom floor and let the warm shower water fall upon us, like a heavy rain. I held her and she put her head on my shoulder.

“I’m gonna miss you,” I said.
“I’m gonna miss you too,” she replied.

We kissed.

We went to bed.

We fucked.

At 4am I got out of her bed and left Marie’s flat. “I’m gonna go home now. Good night,” I whispered in her ear, before kissing her one last time and biking in the dark towards Nørrebro.

The fresh air of the night was comforting. I was still drunk when I got home and couldn’t sleep. Ironically, that was the reason why I left her in the first place. Fuck.

Suddenly, it started raining. It was a very loud thunderstorm. I thought of her. I wanted to have coffee together in the morning. A normal Sunday morning. Not many normal things happen in my life.

My phone screen lighted up the next morning. It was a notification from Whatsapp. Marie: I think we should stop having sex, it doesn’t feel right for me.

In another time, I would have felt like shit. And a part of me did feel bad for a few seconds. Then I realized I was somewhat relieved. “Ok, fair enough. I don’t think I want you in that way either,” I wrote to her. Then we chatted about the weather. As friends.

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