More tips to survive a girl who travels

Didn’t have enough with the previous list I wrote before (How I survived a girl who travels)? Well, me neither. Here I’ll share some more tips of how I could move on and keep living after my tragic experience with a gal who suffers of wanderlust.

Write about it: broadcasting your love life on a blog for the world to see may not be your cup of tea, but locking yourself in your room and just think about your tragedy won’t fix anything. Alright, perhaps your writing skills are lower than a 6-year old boy’s, but it’s worth to try it. Or, if you rather, just talk about it. You, mate, are not a robot. The pain in your heart is feelings and emotions trying to escape. Let them out! Sing your blues away, paint your misery, act the play of your broken heart. However you can express what you are feeling is good. Every time you do it, it will hurt a little bit less.

Listen to Keane: you can listen to all kinds of music that will remind you of the girl who abandoned you, but no band is as good as this one to talk about it. Not only because the music itself is pretty good. You have to listen to the lyrics! Besides the couple of songs I’ll put below, there are 4 records of these guys that you’ll wanna listen to. Keane gets you.

Go mystical: everything happens for a reason, remember that. The Universe did not put this girl in your way to make your life an unbearable piece of shit. She was there in your fate because you needed to learn something. Probably the lesson is as simple as “don’t fucking date a girl who travels”, but there could be much more to it, like some life changing experience or a new attitude when it comes to love. Whatever is is, embrace what she taught you. Don’t be rational about it, it’s better to look at it from a wider point of view. And, just between us, some girls kinda dig that spiritual pose too.

Grow a beard: somehow I’ve had more sex since I don’t shave. Hipsters made it mainstream (yeah, ironically), and now walking around with facial hair makes you more appealing for the ladies. Won’t hurt giving it a try, right?

Don’t stop believin’!: I cannot be more emphatic about this point. The fact that you were dumped by a girl, traveler or not, doesn’t mean this will happen again. So grow a pair, man up, get out there and take your chances in love. Not saying it will be easy, but in time you’ll meet somebody else that will erase the one who’s gone away from the picture.

And that’s pretty much it. I think there could be a couple of tips I’ve forgotten, but you’ll have enough with these. I totally feel your pain, my friend. I’ve been there in the darkest places you can imagine, but I came back, using the tips I’m now giving to you. Be wise and start using them. As I say: “you can only win when you have nothing to lose.”

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