Why do we lie? Whether it’s to avoid hurting someone or just to escape from complicated situations, lying has become just one of the things we do daily, as well as eating, sleeping and breathing. But has anyone ever wonder what’s the effect of constantly hiding away the truth?

As it happens with our diet and what we eat, the things we do cause an impact in our lives. And these ways we learned from our early childhood will model us so good we don’t even notice it. It’s so deep inside our minds we have embraced it as part of ourselves. News flash: it is not!

When you get older you start feeling weird. A little voice buried in the back of your head yells from the dark. Most people just ignores this warning sign and keeps living the way they think is right, even if this event repeats a few more times during the course of their lives. It’s easier, it seems, to let go. But what if you don’t want to? Easy: stop lying!

It could sound impossible, but you can live without lying. “What are the perks of that?”, you might ask. Well, it could have some contraindications at first, that would lead you to hesitate whether if it’s a good choice. Then you realize it is, and has lots of rewards. The first one (and more important) is that this voice that bothered you won’t do it anymore. And it’s not because it disappears: it becomes you. Because, you’ll see that this strange voice is actually you. Yes, you. Lying to others is cheating yourself, and by the time you have fooled yourself for too long, you get lost. Sure, from time to time you awake from your numbness and try to come back from the grave you buried yourself inside your brain, but is painless to keep functioning as you know better. Or is it?

I stopped lying for a while now. It’s really hard to do it completely because it’s a social convention and, every now and then, kind of necessary. But when you succeed, you start noticing changes right away. You feel more comfortable with yourself, because you now know who you are in the first place, and your social interactions become more healthy. You stop seeing people and keeping relations that aren’t good for you, and leave behind all kinds of bad habits. And, believe me or not, you start feeling good. Not only good, I mean, for real. Because lying to live is no more than living a lie. Do you want to live a lie? Well, rent a movie. Wanna feel good? Honesty is the secret.

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