The Grayscale in Between.

She said that men only see black or white. That things are either one or the other, and nothing else. Very binary. I told her that I am not a regular man. That I’m different. “I can see black and white, and the whole grayscale in between.”

If you are not new to this blog, you will have probably noticed that the domain name has changed, from to I generally dislike change, but everything around me seems to change constantly, so why the fuck not owning some of it? It’s better to be part of the change than a victim of it, or just a mere spectator.

As I continue to grow, evolve -and involve, at times-; I walk towards the unknown, leaving nothing behind. Only stories, fading in the memory of my lovers. Only words, lost somewhere in the cyberspace. Only smiles, in some drunk night a friend will recall in an uncertain future. Only pictures, decoloring in my mum’s closet. Only traces, crumbles, pieces of love here and there, spread among my family. Only that, and a bit more.

We navigate in an endless sea of a billion different shades. If you look closer, you’ll see sometimes that black is just dark gray, and that what appears to be pure white is contaminated with traces of gray. So fuck Perfection. There’s no such thing. Which is fine by me. Gives me a ton of material to write about in years to come.

Welcome to The Grayscale in Between.

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