What we are

What are we but futile stares from across the street
standing on a corner
waiting for the traffic light to change?

What are we but silent looks from across the bar
surrounded by friends
walled from each other?

What are we but scattered messages on a dating app
fleeing feelings, that come and go
and long pauses before disappearing forever?

You don’t know me
I don’t know you
there’s no “we”

The light is now green
and we walk by each other
without even looking

We cross ways outside the restrooms of the bar
and we know we are there
but we lift our walls to keep the distance

You don’t write me
I don’t write you
then let reality take the space that our new feelings had

And our lives will go on
and soon the trace of a path together
will be nothing but air

Flying away
as we already fled away
from each other

You won’t know me
I won’t know you
there will never be “us”

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