Sex/Life 27

She broke my heart. I broke my bed fucking other women, trying to forget her. Couldn’t. It was her whom I was shagging. She, with a different face, smell, taste. She and only she. How many of those girls did I hurt? One, two, four, all of them? I did feel bad. Felt bad but did it anyway. Brought them close to push her away. Pushed them away to get her back. But she was gone. Long gone. I was alone, and even lonelier while accompanied in my broken bed.


  1. Ugh….I did that move once trying to forget someone, and I’ll never do it again because it makes you miss the other person even more!

  2. no te preocupes <3 la vida será mejor con tiempo … necesitas subir un montaña a ver un puesto del sol … heals everything xx un besito

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