Sex/Life Special 01 – The Black Keys, defining my love life

A few months ago I stumbled upon Brothers, the 2010 record of The Black Keys. Ever since then, I’ve been listening to this album almost everyday. First, I thought it was just the music which attracted me, but today I realized that there was much more to it. Analyzing the tracklist and the lyrics of each song, I discovered this LP covers all the aspects of the recent year when it comes to my love life. Let’s check:

I’m not the one: well, I’ve been quite lost in terms of what the fuck I want out of life, specially from relationships. That had leaded me to hurt girls when I “escaped” from them after realizing that I’m not doing what I really want, or for any other conflict going on in my head at the time.

Howlin’ for you: then, after fucking up a lot, I met her. Not much to say about it. She drove me crazy.

Everlasting light: she took her time, but she finally accepted me as her man, her light in this dark world.

You are the only one: she was “the One.” I loved her so much I didn’t have control over my feelings, my emotions, myself. All I wanted was her, she was all I needed and wanted…

She’s long gone: title says it all. No more comments about that.

Never gonna give you up: I have had a really hard time letting her go. All these tears in my eyes…

Next girl: setting standards for the following girl, after accepting the last one ain’t coming back. I promised her -and myself- I’d never settle with anything less than what I had with her, so… well… fuck it, I need to make a point here!

Too afraid to love you: I’m broken inside, of course I’m scared to love again. It’s no easy task for a broken heart.

And that’s basically it. Other songs may have relevance to my story as well, but these are the more significant. It’s weird how this music came in my life in a very right timing. I hope the next record to define my love life be much more happy and optimistic than this one.

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