The art of blogging

It’s hard to have a personal life, a job, a relationship and, on top of all of that, a blog. To write, my friends, is a privilege. You need time, concentration, something to say and a way to say it right. Then, again, everyday life gets the best of us. Or, at least, of me.

Now that holidays are over and 2015 is here to stay, I ran out of excuses not to sit my ass in front of my laptop and type away. But as soon as I finally decide to push the first key, inspiration flies away. Past days of an unsatisfying relationship come to my mind. My ex, damn, she hated me to write. She found it stupid and immature. Well, to be fair, she found most of my personality to be the same and tried to change me as much as she could. On the other hand, my lovely fiancé is on a completely opposite side of the scale. She loves who I am and what I like to do. She even encourages me to write. So that’s another excuse I can’t use.


Oh, wait a minute. I am working on a novel! I can use that to justify the lack of posts in the last couple of months. Hmmm, but it is also not going very well. I’m stuck. Or have been until today. My creative juices are flowing. Just have to stop this procrastinating post -also a post that has been motivated by guilt of not updating my blog- and get some work done.

(Fuck. Again.)

“The art of blogging” looked like a great idea for an article. Yet here I am, not writing really anything worth reading.

(Fuck you writer’s block!)

Unproductivity. What a word. I am feeling it right now. “I should do something productive.” Sounds about right. Then, I wonder: “Is anyone reading this?” There must be. So far, 6 people has bought my book in Amazon. I know two of them. Only 2. Who are those other 4? Then writing those short stories was worth it. “Yay me!”

(I like using this parenthesis quotes. They look cool.)

Blogging is an art. Indeed…

(Add some smart-ass conclusion here.)

Now my blog will not look so deserted. This has been a very productive day. I can go out there, eat a hotdog, drink some beers, have a laugh. Feel alive, basically. Isn’t life wonderful, as the “The art of blogging”?

(I’ve done a great job.)

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