Rough love tale

​My right palm
completely open
slaps the left side of your face
rudely awakening you to my mental pain
with a sudden, random act of violence
cathartic, humanizing, grounding hurt
into the physical realm of my presence in your couch
in that night
in your life
“That’s too much” you say
I pull your hair
“I like that, that’s okay” you sigh
the air is steamy
you pant
as my fingers go inside your jeans
that remained on
what seemed an eternity in time

We stare into one another
“Is there music on?” I ask myself
everything has vanished, including sound
it’s you and I
no world, nor anything around
our heavy breathing
your soul and mine

“Have we found each other

Those days are gone now
a memory I hold on to
if you’ll excuse me
I have nothing going on
not now in my life
It’s winter again, my darling
and how I miss you
your smell, your touch, your brains
pouring out onto me
low lights, dark outside
no cold in your arms
I rested my head in your soft bosom
you passionately talking smack about your day
my eyes closed, I listened yet not
soothed by the tone of your voice
and your fingers brushing through my hair
“Fuck the world, fuck it all!
This is everything I need” my brain went
and then shut down
intoxicated by your molecules entering me
my nose wide open to never forget
what paradise smelled like

Merry Christmas, wherever you are
I hope life’s treating you well
you made this sad man happy once
and it all comes down to that
in the end

Happiness is fleeting
leaving one behind
your memories, I treasure, then
I save them dearly
for in my loneliness I crave you
your absence so obvious now instead
though I thank God
(if there is/are any)
I had and lost you, oh, pretty
this life then’s been worth living
having been in your embrace, in your mind and in your bed

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