Fornicate and save

​Fuck me
fuck me right back into existence
in this day and age of loss of meaning
will see us safe

Tongues of fire
licking me to ashes
wind, awaiting to blow my remains away
spreading my non-transcended self thin into oblivion
a destiny worse than Death

So fuck me
ground me once more into this realm
my soul’s penance can hold still
into minutes becoming traces of eternity
skin on skin, organs intertwined
and mutual sweat
eyes locked, lost in pools of dark brown and green and black
our souls reflected on their surface
night quiet under the noises of sex
fireworks will blow up in the darkness
New Year approaching, quickly
twenty one
this dragged, long year
coming to an end

that, I possess
pockets full of fundamental nothingness
big figures on screens and salary slips
the home, the material, the factual
career, success, moving up the ladder
stepping where nobody with my blood has ever stepped
and I just want to hold you and suffocate between your breasts
money well spent
there’s no such thing
as we choke, instead, on air thick of despair

The gloom and doom of the Damned
condemned to endless downwards spirals of little to no sense
capitalist bastards, we’ve become
nothing we do will make a change
and nobody’s there to even care
as the wheels keep turning
the fire, burning
industries and banks and insurance companies and big tech corporations
feeding off of our soon to be

Oh fuck me
please, dear
fuck me
fuck me out of modern life Hell

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