Thom Yorke – Dawn Chorus

If you could do it all again
This time with style

You fall asleep too late in the darkness, wake up too early at dawn.
Playing Netflix in the background, you defuse the silence.
Stare at your phone, safe from harm.
Nothing beats the pain from the absence.
Hurting, hurting, the world out there is madness.
There’s no longer a loved one.
Walls closing in in your apartment.
You had it all, once upon a time.
Nothing was perfect, alongside that partner.
But together you both entered the stormy waters.
Trying not to drawn.

Now the quarantine looms upon you.
Pray yours gods not to die.
Not alone, not tonight.
But, if you do, do it with style.

The best days of your life are over.
Hang on to the memories, they are all you have.
If you could do it all again, you’re certain you’d do it.
So do it, then. Do it!
Do it all over and over again in your mind.
Too early, each morning.
Not sleeping at night.

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