Untitled rant

One can only make plans. In my case, my fucked up ankle decided that it was too painful to walk, let alone taking an 18-hour flight to Chile in a few days. I let that sink in through some stressed out, sleepless nights. Finally, after throwing away a handful of money and rescheduling like a champ, I postponed my trip until Christmas. Which was the logical decision; it’s the sensible thing to do not to expose myself to my foot PTSD more than I already have, not to mention the risk of a stroke due to a rogue blood clot still left in my system.
But, yeah. Fuck me.
Heartbroken, alone, injured and traumatized by pain and the constant threat of even more pain. Can’t be anywhere for long before feeling anxious about my ankle aches and swelling. And it’s cold and gray, every day. And too rainy. And it gets stressful at work. And just lost so much fucking money on this whole trip that never happened. Life’s shitty sometimes.
There’s not much more to this post. Just wanted to vent out this shit. Edo out!

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