Lost horse

Here I am, with tears in my eyes, a couple of minutes after finishing the very last episode of BoJack Horseman. Thinking “This is the end of an era.” Feeling like everything and everyone I love will eventually leave me, and that’s just life. The only certainty is that we’ll die, a big unknown blank between our first breath and our last.
Six years. I started watching this series in 2014. So much has happened since then. Got back with my ex L, we got engaged, I came to Europe for the first time, she moved in with me in my flat in Santiago de Chile, we moved to Norway and then Denmark, and I broke up with her right before Christmas. Then I lost myself overindulging in decadence for three years until I met my newest ex, C. Not before, of course, struggling with a drinking problem, getting stressed out, changing jobs, losing all my savings investing on cryptocurrencies, going back to Chile three times and self-publishing four books. Amongst all of that, there was always a few days a year where I would binge the newest season of BoJack and, for those brief hours, become part of somebody else’s mess for a change.
I can’t think of anything inspiring or noteworthy to write about this series. Nothing slightly better than the hundreds of articles that have been written about it, anyway. Though I will say this: BoJack Horseman is definitely the best series I’ve ever watched. It spoke to me with each of its stories and characters, and both got me amused and existential with every episode. And in these days when I have been painfully dealing with a great loss, a tiny piece of me now feels missing, and I’m afraid I will never get it back.
Now that’s good filmmaking, motherfuckers.

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