A short tale of life changes

I’ve been out quite a while from this blog, as I’ve been absent of my own life for the past month and a half. Winds of change blew me away, literally; and everything has developed so quickly I haven’t even been able to stop for a minute and think about it.

Winter is ending and, although temperatures are hardly a few degrees above zero, I can feel that spring is near. I’m in Norway; living in a house that’s not my home. But it’s okay. I have no home to go back to in Chile, anyway.

My fiancé and I moved here to have a better shot at life. We are both unemployed and poor, which made things back in Santiago be quite boring, in despite of the summer around us. At least the cold here seems more appropriate to be a bit depressed while we send away work applications.

I’m certain that everything will work out for us here. My girlfriend is smart and has lots of experience in her field. Landing a job won’t be hard to her. As for me, I am not really expecting to repeat my glory days as the tip of the spear in Open Innovation -a position that nobody gave a fuck about in Chile, though-. Yet I do believe that web developers are way better paid -and far more respected- in Norway.

With all the current events and circumstances, I will have to take a break from blogging. Perhaps this may sound like I gave up to writing as my true vocation. I haven’t. I’m just living something worth writing. A tale of change. A change of life.

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