Sex/Life 44

It’s funny how one year ago I was stressing out about sending her yet another pathetic email. Her birthday was the perfect excuse. “How to say ‘I still love you’ without sounding lame?” I thought. It drove me insane for almost a month. And a couple of days ago things were so different. And so similar. “How to prove that I still love you in a cheesy and romantic way?”

So I woke her up with a nice breakfast, that was quickly interrupted by my mum, calling me from a hospital I had to run to. Then a discussion. Then a very good lunch in a restaurant nearby. Then a nap that lasted longer than expected. And the moodiness afterwards. And sitting on the terrace, watching day become night. And making a pizza. Eating. Drinking Coke. Then, the bed. Wild sex -fuck, that was good!-. And “House of Cards.” 3 episodes in a row. Drinking fancy beer and chewing on Skittles and Snickers. Touching and staring at each other.

December 1st, 2014.

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