On tour: Europe and Middle East

When I started writing my story last year, I never expected to see such twist in it. I mean, c’mon, I’m writing this in English, just because of how events developed over time. Now the days in which I began my column Soltería 101 -Singleness 101- to help myself and others to deal with being single and sucking at it, seem very far away.

But there’s no reason to go back in time and tell, once again, my whole journey. Because this right here, friends, is a call out for you, my readers. I wanna make a new experiment. After the interesting experience that turned out to be my bear-sexiness study, I thought “what the hell? Let’s make this even more refreshing!” And this is where you come into play.

On June 2nd I am going to leave my homeland, Santiago de Chile, on a love related trip to Europe and the Middle East. Yes, crazy, huh? So this means I am going to visit, perhaps, your country, your city or even your home town. Whatever! The important thing is that I’ll be around.

Then, what does this all have to do with you? Listen up: I wanna meet you! We can have a pint of beer, sit on a park, walk around, or just anything. I’m looking for a nice conversation and, why not, change your life. Yes, that’s right: change your life. Because, technically, meeting some random guy from a blog is not something you do every day, do you? Taking it from there, everything that happens afterwards is a bonus. I think.

So I am just leaving the offer on. I’ll be visiting London, Swansea, Sandefjord, Oslo, Copenhagen, Tel-Aviv and Amsterdam. Wanna give it a go? Don’t hesitate and drop me a line on Twitter @edoher or Facebook /edoher. Looking forward to hear from you!

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