Sex/Life 25

She’s leaving today. My Danish friend, the Scandinavian lover, my Nordic nurse. She, who has taken all my broken hearted shit, who has dealt with my commitment phobia , who has taken care of me while I couldn’t walk. She, M, has shown me that I can be treated right, that I deserve better than I’ve had before, that no matter if I haven’t achieve any of my goals or that I hardly know what I want, I still can be appreciated for what I am. All of that even though I’ve been an asshole to her. Yet she’s always been there, always caring and, on top of that, willing to have sex with me. Because she’s great at it and, after all, that was the nature of our “no relationship.” But it was that and much more.

Here’s to my lover and friend. Here’s to M. Farewell, baby. Your latin lover won’t ever forget you.

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