Having a nasty accident really fucked me over. Besides the financial and physical impact, my whole lifestyle took a turn I wasn’t expecting. All of the sudden, my active day to day was no more. I exchanged running for lying in bed, cycling for sitting on my ass the whole day, dancing for a wheelchair. No more walking for me. From one minute to the other I stopped being a totally independent young man and became a burden to my family and friends.

My self-confidence was crushed, my ego was just a good memory. Latin lover days were over I assumed, and ghosts from the past started haunting me. The bullying at school, my bad luck with girls up until I ended up trapped in a relationship for years, just to be dumped by the girl I fell I love after breaking up with my ex. Add crippled on top of all of that. Brilliant.

Call me shallow, superficial or whatever the heck you want, but discovering Instagram was a nice treat for my self-esteem. Of course there were other factors that helped me get it up again, like starting to walk, having a good lover by my side and the support of all my loved ones. Still, publishing selfies as an homage to myself (and my beard) every now and then has been refreshing. I may continue to have a limp with a therapy in the works to get myself able to do most of the things I was used too. Plus, my left leg is, literally, half as thick as the right one, which is not very appealing. But, nevertheless, getting a like always makes me smile. How bad a duckface really is then?

Wanna take a peek at my selfies? Head over to Instagram @edoherto

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