Sex/Life 19

It died. 2013 was gone, and the last remains of it were burnt down in multicolor fire. Fireworks that, for 25 minutes, enlightened the dark skies of midnight, getting me to think in the year that was just over. Eight girls. No, eight women. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be open to find love, but, in the meantime, have sex with as many girls as I could. I managed to fulfill that one resolution. Now, looking back, I got nothing out of it. Fireworks. That’s all they were. Sparks of colorful life that, after exploding, just left some smoke fading away in the night. I did find love, though. That big, shiny, warm light in the dark. But it was another firework. The most beautiful and long lasting firework there is. Smoke, fading away, blown by the winds of change. 2014…

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