Re/Start 61

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Ben Franklin was onto something when he said that. I’ve made this quote, voluntarily or not, into my life’s motto. But Ben forgot to mention how exhausting this is. How at times “the fascinating life” becomes hard to cope with, and words put on a laptop screen can’t seem to tackle on even a tenth of it.

I am going through a deep existential crisis. Put loneliness and a broken heart in that mix, plus non-stop insomnia, and you get me: a big fucking smoothie of messed up man. Serve chilled and with a Sunday hungover. Delicious!

Irony aside, I can tell by the looks of my current situation that this is one of those defining moments in a man’s life. Where one must face uncertainty and rebuild oneself out of the raw materials one’s made of. The result of this vital process will be a better self. One that’s not been killed, but made stronger. And yes, I quoted Nietzsche there. I am all about quotes today.

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